Wednesday, August 24, 2016


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Art director Scott Cruz ( - @hashtagoverit) was originally featured in my Chicago Reader column in a ripped denim special. Here's a bit about his style:

"My outfits are inspired by a merging of the past, present, and future; a balance between my favorite periods in history fused with my favorite science fiction films." 

"I paired a super short sleeved striped shirt with white pants and red socks in celebration of Bastille Day. I knew it was going to be incredibly hot that day, so I wanted to wear something loose and bright, but still encompassing the style I adhere to."

"I dyed my hair a bright orange and adopted the bowl cut earlier this spring. I had been wanting to dye my hair orange for some time but my previous haircut just didn't seem right. The bowl cut is inspired by my interest in Precolumbian Mesoamerican styles from the Aztec and Maya. The coloring was taken from Milla Jovovich's character in one of my all time favorite films, "The Fifth Element". Gaultier designed the wardrobe and I'm endlessly inspired by his creations for that film."

"I picked these [jeans] up from the women's department at H&M. I wanted to find a cheap pair of loose fitting, boyfriend-ish styled white jeans that I could wreck without feeling bad about paying a fortune for. I've always had a strong affinity for distressed denim. When they're authentic, they have history and can tell a story. I generally distress my own denim, sometimes intentionally but often just through extensive wear. What attracts me to distressed denim is how it evokes a sense of enigmatic danger about someone's character. The more authentic the distressing, the more I'm raising an eyebrow at what sort of trouble they'd gotten into to cause all of those cuts and discolorations."

"My style philosophy is rather simple: honesty. Trends die as quickly as they're born today. I believe in picking the most appealing attributes of a trend and applying them to your own style ethos to stay true to your own self expression."

"Stop buying fashion in excess. Our throwaway culture is causing enough waste. Own what speaks to you and create an archive for yourself that you'll never question."

Read the whole article here.

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