Sunday, August 21, 2016


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Out of the blue

"I used to only wear safe colors," Dimress Dunnigan says, "like black, browns, and deep reds, since everyone always told me that black girls couldn’t wear bold colors because of their skin and because it would make them look 'ghetto.' But seeing famous women like Lil' Kim and Lil' Mo wear bold hair colors with such confidence really made me want to try it out. So I did it, and I'm never going back."  

The fashion designer's blue hair and fuchsia Nikes perfectly complement the vibrant form-fitting dress she thrifted a few years ago. "Every time I put it on, it instantly makes me happy," she says. "I have a pair of shoes to match every color in that print." 

Last month, the Bronzeville native debuted her hat line, Bronze. Check out her designs on Twitter and Instagram (@lowkeydimo), where she also shows off more of her fearless style. This summer she's all about "body glitter, highlighter makeup, and gym shoes with no socks."

Originally published in the Chicago Reader.
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