Saturday, April 5, 2014

TONIGHT! La Femme Mode in Wicker Park

-- La Femme Mode -- 

Saturday April 5th, 7-10pm @ The Silver Room

1442 N Milwaukee Ave

+DJ w/ visuals
+Nail and Makeup Arists
+Psychic Reader and Energy Healer 
+Massage Therapist
+Handcrafted Jewelry Designs and Artwork 
+New Spring and Vintage Fashion Designs (w/ LIVE Mannequin Installations)

Enjoy Complimentary Cocktails, Apps, and a Raffle Giveaway plus Free Entry.

For more info click here


Amara was hanging out at Kokorokoko's 5th anniversary party at Beauty Bar. See more of Amara's fab looks on her Instagram: @fro_god

Sunday, March 30, 2014

AT LAST!! KOKO's 5th anniversary PARTY!

 Amara + Très Awesome's Scott

 Amara (@fro_god)

 Eric (@ericlabrat) from Glitter Guts and his cute but grossed out girl

 Matt Kasin (aka @gaudygod) and Natalie (aka @miss_fancypants)


 THE GAUDY GOD! Soon releasing his very own MOVIE!

 Jewelry and homegoods designer EXTRAORDINAIRE Leah Ball (@leah_ball_makes_things).

Julie Ghatan (@luxurioussloth) owner of Dovetail, one of the coolest vintage boutiques here FO SHO! - plus they feature a great selection of locally made products.

My dear Brazilian friend Tatiana Cesso, who runs a.Cesso, a website directed at (cool) Brazilian tourists.



 MERMAN SHARKMAN! Anthony Maslo (@anthonymaslo)

 Fearless dancing!!


 This woman lives IN A BUBBLE!

 Don't be scared you guys, it's just sequins! And teeth whitening!

 This kid wearing orange was having his 21st birthday, SO SPESH!


  Shanti of AWESOME and truly Very Best Vintage

Ross Kelly (@rip_van_raver) and Sasha Hodges (@sashakokorokoko) OWNING the party - seriously, they're Kokorokoko's owners.

 My new friend (the zebra coat) and PRI!

Meghan Lorenz (@citiesindust) of Cities in Dust and Sarah Shikama (@s_shikama) of S. Shikama. AMAZING JEWELRY DESIGNERS + DRESSERS!!!

 Meghan Lorenz (@citiesindust) of Cities in Dust 

 Sarah Shikama (@s_shikama) of S. Shikama

 I didn't realize Joshua of Gallerista Chicago (right) was such a close talker...

Ok so this was Kokorokoko's 5th anniversary party which happened like, 10 years ago - no, I'm kidding, it happened more like two weeks ago... or something. Anyways, it was awesome, or shall I put it, Très Awesome (they were there!), with the habitual danciest dance music and fashionably fun fashionable people.


Alanna Picks #11: Cameron

photographs by Alanna Zaritz -

Why Cameron: "I am a sucker for great hair, which is totally the crown of any outfit. Cameron here has basically won the hair lottery with his thick Botticelli ringlets. We bonded over his Zara blazer (we were both wearing the label) but he made it look like Gucci. The thin-knit scarf, wrapped like a cravat, was a great romantic detail, and i love that his vintage boots are a warm brown, as opposed to black. similarly, there's an intriguing contradiction between his minimalist, modern overcoat and the old-fashioned roundness of his frames."

SO ROMANTIC!! Zara uniting people...

Alanna Zaritz runs the blog Drawn and Coutured - along with Josh Crow - and is a regular contributor to Chicago Looks. Here she gets to share all the mad style she comes across while hanging out in the coolest places - such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, where she currently works.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Josh Illustrates #10

See their photos here

So glad Josh Crow picked these two beauties from Market Supply Co. to sketch. Karyn Dethrow and Merl Kinzie epitomize the stylish and productive ladies of our city's burgeoning fashion industry. Along with Mustache Mike they are responsible for one of the most well curated vintage selection in town - and totally worth a trip to Pilsen, no matter where you are. Remember to check out Merl's one-of-a-kind exquisite jewelry line.

Josh Crow is a regular contributor to this blog, see his beautiful illustrations all over Chicago Looks. If you'd like to have your own, just send your picture to More info here. OH AND OF COURSE check out his awesome blog,, which he runs with my über stylish friend Alanna Zaritz.

Street View 178: Ben

Ben looks both dangerous AND angelic on my Bleader post here. He’s currently having his photos featured in a show called "Organum Socii" at Degenerate Art Gallery in Edgewater (5554 N. Winthrop). See a shot of it below:

Hmmmm... Intriguing! Photo by @capn_crunk

Street View 177: Vincent and Anna of LVL3

Vincent Uribe and Anna Mort, the always fashionably coherent duo behind LVL3 Gallery featured on my Bleader post here..

This Saturday (March 29) LVL3 is having their fifth annual silent auction and benefit raffle, an event they named hArts for Art, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting local nonprofit Arts of Life:

 See you there!