Wednesday, August 24, 2016


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Musician Molly Ryan was originally featured in my Chicago Reader column in a ripped denim special. Here's a bit about her style:

"I believe in the transformative nature of clothing; the ability to transform actively. This is my choice. I am in control of my appearance. I manufacture my own identity. No, I cannot dictate, nor shape, the public reaction to my visual identity. Why is the collective viewpoint that anything visually represented on the body is automatically an appeal to an audience? I would like to eradicate that mindset and build one instead of self-reflection for the sake of internal identity, manifested in the outward appearance."

"I would describe my style as eclectic and boundless. I dress to match my mood on any given day. Mostly, I like to create whimsy when styling myself, drawing from a theatrical costuming background, and myriad other outlets. It's an art of characterization with the vehicle being the clothing. Fashion should be fun, and I believe everyone should wear whatever they feel inclined to wear."

"My distressed jeans are actually my little brother's from highschool! I'm fairly certain they came pre-distressed from somewhere like Hot Topic years ago. I reap the benefits of his move to Boston and the closet he left behind. We're both musicians so we definitely have a bit of communal edge to our individual styles. We try to convince everyone that we're twins because we are creepy similar in appearance. "

Read the whole article here.

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