Monday, August 15, 2016


As Weird as Possible
Katryce Lassle (@katryce) was showing a few MCA exhibits to a couple of good friends.

What kind of look were you going for? 
I was having a grey day. I always forget that I own this boxy sweatshirt-dress; I’m so happy that you caught me in it.
How did you develop your style?
I didn’t, really. I have such a messy—truly, messy!—collection of clothes that I’m mostly surprised when things go together. Right now I’m very into grey and neutrals, baggy fits, anything loose. I work in an office [the publicity department at the University of Chicago Press], but I always like to look as weird as I can in that environment.
Could you tell me more about your bangs?
My stylist at Smith & Davis Salon, Bria, totally freestyled my bangs. She is an absolute dream. Every time I go in for a cut, I just let her do whatever she wants, and every time I leave, it’s my new favorite.
Is there anything you thought you’d never wear but then changed your mind?
I hate sequins and beads. I own a vintage beaded and sequined mermaid-in-an-oil-slick-type top from an antique store in a small town in Texas that I’m embarrassingly proud of.
Who and what inspires your outfits?
A cooler version of myself that I haven’t met yet.
What makes you want to get up and look great?
Nothing makes me want to get up.
Originally published in Newcity.

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