Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Give Them a Show
Artist Cyril Alach-Antichich (@swampmuse) was going for a Sunday stroll with a roommate.
How would you describe your aesthetic?
Ah! The aesthetic. Aesthetic seems to be such an outward description of style. I aim to dress from the inward out. I try to incorporate garments with emotional or more weighty value than the appearance—dare I say concept? The representation or symbolism of a garment can mean more than the piece itself. So to describe it, I’d have to say my aesthetic is Trans. Though I am white and thin, I don’t believe these should be the common denominator for the “androgynous.”
Who and what inspires your image?
Speaking of aesthetics, I go to a school [School of the Art Institute] where looks are everywhere. Many people have great individual style—especially having such a great fashion department. I believe this environment helped foster my appreciation for style. Gigi Hadid’s use of monochromatics and her play with texture is really interesting. More importantly, I’m interested in breaking barriers of what is not acceptable to wear, within my lane. My aim is to not appropriate from any sources that are not tied to me. Also side note: clothing has no gender! It’s all fabric and stitching.
Could you tell me more about your eye makeup?
I started painting lipstick on my eyelids when I shaved my brows—which you can find photos of on my Instagram. I needed something else to draw attention to my eyes without hair. The reds I wear are a subtle defense as well, a sort of easy and attractive mask. When someone’s looking at me, the makeup was what they were looking at, not my lack of brows. The look just stuck around once my eyebrows grew back.
What do you think cis people still need to grasp about being a transgender person?
I could honestly go into such length about that question! But I think the main thing that I keep coming back to whenever I hear about trans people facing harassment, hate, violence and, too frequently, death, is that we, the trans, are just trying to live and die like the rest of the world. I would like to see an end of our oppression and to foster appreciation rather than assimilation.
What’s your best style advice?
Wear what you want to wear. Clothing has no gender. People are already looking at you on the street, might as well give them a show.
Originally published in Newcity.
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