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Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Fashion Special

I know I'm a bit late on this, but me being late? What else is new? On the November 22nd edition of Newcity, Chicago Looks presented a Holiday fashion editorial entitled Loco for Local - focusing on a few local shops. See credits for each outfit here.

The shoot happened at the fabulous Palmer House, which is a downtown gem totally worth a visit. Plus they're the birthplace of the brownie, so if you're ever in need of a perfect space for drinks and dessert, here it is. See a bit more of it below:

Above is one of the Peacock doors, an homage to the famed House of Peacock (later C.D. Peacock), a historic jewelry shop located in the hotel. All three Peacock doors were designed by Tiffany's and are valued over one million dollars.

The Palmer House was opened in September 1871 and was almost immediately destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire. Founder Potter Palmer secured a record loan to fix the damages, and a few years later the hotel was back to being one of the fanciest in town.

Photography by: Isa Giallorenzo
Styling by: Isa Giallorenzo and Najee Redd
Makeup: Esperanza Davis
Models: Esperanza Davis and Najee Redd

Special thanks to:
Brian and Jan Hieggelke from Newcity
Ken Price from the Palmer House Hilton
Sasha Hodges and Ross Kelly from Kokorokoko
Missy from Ragstock
The folks at Una Mae's
Other local shops featured: Dovetail, Lovestory Vintage and Sir & Madame

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friday 12.28 at The Drake

Joan Sassano (one of the contributors of a special series here in the blog) will be gathering a chic and fun crowd at The Drake Hotel this Friday December 28th, when you'll be able to see some of her models in action.

Joan Marie Sassano is the founder and director of Joan Marie's School of Modeling. She is a creative artist whose performances are remembered for their excitement, grace, energy and beauty. She can definitely teach someone how to strike a pose (see a few examples of her pizzazz here and here).

For more information please contact Joan Marie at

Street View 068: Estella

Check out the rest of this awesome outfit featured on the Bleader here.

Street View 067: Nick

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Matt Styles #2


an iconic fashion moment that changed my life: karen o's stained sweater


Important Precautions


PRE-TEST STAIN REMOVAL AGENTS on an inconspicuous area of the article. Apply several drops of the agent (such as water, dry cleaning solvent, detergent solution, bleach or other recommended remover) and rub gently with a clean white towel. If color transfers to the cloth or a color change occurs, a professional cleaner should be consulted.


xxx gg

"While trying to come up with the #perfect 2nd entry, I remembered a stain from 2004. Maybe coffee? Maybe ketchup? .... Only Karen O knows, and she doesn't seem to care as she beautifully sings Cheated Hearts in a stained heart sweater. It's #simple, #effortless, #punk, and probably a mistake, but I think it's the coolest accessory ever."

HELL YEAH YEAH YEAH! I give this a +++A!!

PS: This was written in a crumpled and stained paper.

From now on Chicago Looks is proud to present a collaboration with some of the city's most stylish inhabitants, who will be sharing their views on all things aesthetic.

This post is Matt Kasin's second fabulous contribution (see his first one here). Matt (aka Gaudy God) is a fashion designer, filmmaker and stylist with a self-described "expensive bad taste". He is inspired by pop culture, John Waters, Versace and Italian horror films. He believes in fashion as a religion and salvation from the everyday mundane. He owns two online clothing stores filled with original and vintage garments: Gaudy God and a 90s concept store inspired by Clueless called THE MALL.

Follow Matt on Instagram: @gaudygod

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Street View 066: Meagan

Check out my latest Bleader post here - featuring adorable Meagan (@lattershed) from Latterstyle.

PS: You gotta see her dog purse.


Kyle was featured in the Chicago Looks Newcity column last week. Read his interview here, check out his site here and see more of his super dapper looks on Instagram @the_yall.

This week Newcity is presenting the Top 5 of Everything 2012. Chicago Looks is contributing with the top 5 street style looks that weren't featured there this year. Get your issue all over downtown and other cool places such as Lula Cafe, Old Town, Epic Burger, Myopic Books, Crossroads, Quimby's etc etc etc.

Street View 065: Natalia

See the rest of this post here - with extra pics of Humboldt Park.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Taking it to the streets #2

Chicago Looks is taking it to the streets the second time around (see the first installment here). On Milwaukee Ave., just north of Grand and Halsted (close to the Grand blue line station).

PS: Stickers from the Pawn Works sticker vending machine, available at Quimby's.

PS2: Update: the friendly owner of empty the building painted over everything. : ((( I'll keep trying!


Linda was shot during The Sartorialist talk and book signing hosted by the MCA Store. She was also featured in my Newcity style column, read her interview here and get the latest issue all over downtown + other cool places such as Lula Cafe, Quimby's Bookstore, Epic Burger, Old Town etc etc etc



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Abby Styles, Sketches, Doodles, Paints...

From now on Chicago Looks is proud to present a collaboration with some of the city's most stylish inhabitants, who will be sharing their views on all things aesthetic. Today is Abby Nierman's turn

The first time I saw Abby was during my photo exhibit last year. I was immediately impressed by her great style. Since then she has been a regular on this blog - she even did a week-long special for Chicago Looks (check it out here).

But she's not just a pretty face and a fabulous dresser: she is also a very talented photographer. She recently got a Scholastic National Art and Writing Award for Photography (see her winning shot "Dino in the Window" here). Head to her Flickr and Tumblr to see more of her inspiring world and follow her on Instagram @mynameisabbyybba

This is how Abby describes herself:

"I'm Abby Nierman. I am a super fan of simple things. Using snapshots, doodles, and fashion, I like to bring emphasis to life's little goodies.

I take a lot of photos. Photography is my main squeeze. Never without a camera, I go through rolls of film and gigabytes of files quicker than the average highschool senior. I quite literally take pictures of everything around me, anything or anyone I want to remember or I feel can tell a good story. I work as a portrait photographer and I am just getting started in the world in professional photography. In between photos and homework, I try new fashion styles, doodle on all my papers, and try as many watercolor techniques as possible. I try to keep the world around me creative and fun through new hair colors, photoshoots, thirfting trips, and everything along the winding path.
I'm 17 years old (soon to be 18!) and living in the [not so exciting] northwest suburbs. I take the train down to the city as frequently as possible to visit my sister, attend neat events, try new foods, shop around, and explore my favorite city."