Friday, August 12, 2016


Yoko & the Oh No's singer stands tall in platform shoes

The first thing you notice about Max Goldstein is the effortlessness with which he walks in precipitously stacked platform shoes. "People always ask how, but it's pretty easy. I've had lots of practice," he says. "I've tripped a bunch of times, but I've only actually fallen once or twice." The lead singer of the local rock band Yoko & the Oh No's, Goldstein is no stranger to sartorial misfortune: "This past year at South By Southwest, I was going to the bathroom before our set, and right before we were about to play, my zipper popped. I didn't know what to do," he recalls. Acting quickly, he embraced the wardrobe malfunction in his own risk-taking way. "I ended up playing most of the set in my underwear, a white mesh shirt, a black-and-white checked leather coat, and white Doc Martens."

Originally published in the Chicago Reader.
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