Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Chicago Fashion Calendar

Here's what's missing from our fashion scene: a place where we can find each other. This Chicago Fashion Calendar is a simple yet - hopefully! - effective way to do that. In collaboration with The Curio, a networking organization for the arts that has landed in Chicago, Chicago Looks will be doing its best to get the word out there for all fashion-related events.

To get your event added to the Chicago Fashion Fashion Calendar, just email chicagolooks@gmail.com using the following guidelines:

1. "Chicago Fashion Calendar submission" and the date of your event IN THE SUBJECT of the email;

2. The info of your event IN THE BODY of the email (NO Word, PDF, etc. attachments, please). It is highly recommended the info contains links to the designers, social media, venue, etc etc etc (please have those links... linked and ready to go);

3. An image to go with your event (a simple image will do, but a cool flyer with all the info in it is always more effective);

4. Depending on my availability, I can post your flyer on my Instagram. I can't guarantee that, though.

Please keep in mind Chicago Looks is:

- A work of love, independently managed and, honestly, not really lucrative;

- Managed by the busy mother of a young child.

And the Chicago Fashion Calendar is still in its experimental phase.

So I do ask for your patience and kindness in case there's some kind of a glitch.

But... LET'S DO THIS!!!! We have so much talent here!


Isa Giallorenzo

UPDATE: Chicago Fashion Calendar now LIVE! Here at chicagolooks.org and at The Curio

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