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Cool Head
Melia Martin (@_mmartin_) was visiting from Columbus, Ohio.
When and why did you decide to shave your head?
Before shaving my head, I’d been wanting to do so for a while. I had a pixie cut with an undercut beforehand so I just decided to go for it. I love it and I feel more beautiful and more like myself because of it.
Who and what inspires your style?
I always find myself inspired by art, music and the people I look up to and surround myself with. I’m also inspired by myself in a way, meaning I like things just ’cause I like them and find them beautiful.
How would you describe your look?
Androgyny is how I would describe my style. I love wearing both “men’s” and “women’s” clothes. I also don’t feel bound to social norms when it comes to fashion; I should be able to express myself however I want.
What does fashion mean to you?
To me, fashion is a catalyst for someone to express themselves.
What are your favorite shops here in Chicago?
I actually don’t live in Chicago, but if I could choose some stores, my favorites would be American Apparel, Kokorokoko and Knee Deep Vintage.
Originally published in Newcity.
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