Friday, March 10, 2017

Indigo Nation paints Pilsen blue

  • A model wears garments by Mallory Fifer.
Last October Amanda Harth, Asia Vallot, and Michael Ashley of the blog Runway Addicts, and Ciera McKissick of the online magazine AMFM promoted Indigo Nation, a denim-centered event held in Pilsen. Runway Addicts founder Harth wanted to celebrate the popular material after spending a whole year researching it: "We conducted a study on dyeing techniques, what denim looked like in different parts of the world, the history of the textile, and why it's the most versatile fabric." The result was a three-day-long festival that included art installations, garment displays, workshops, performances, a denim swap, and a pop-up shop.

During their opening at the Chicago Art Department, models walked among the guests and sported all-denim looks by designer Mallory Fifer. Later on designer, artist, and activist Michelle Janayea did a "live sewing" session by putting together pieces of used garments selected by the attendees. In an adjacent room, denim-inspired works by artist Jane Georges were displayed alongside creations by local up-and-coming brands Amara Black by Alenda, Michael White, Hightower by DaShaun Hightower, IridiumReformed School by Peter Gaona, Phera by Ron Louis, and Iicky Genes. Their garments—plus items by local brands Create the New WorldJaja, and Jaeoli—were sold the next weekend at a pop-up shop hosted at the Maybe Sunday boutique. Check out photographs of some of this denim extravaganza below:

  • Designs by Amara Black. The grommet vest on the right sold for only 80 bucks!

  • Designer Amara Black

  • Garments by Iicky Genes

  • Creations by Hightower and Phera

  • Michael White stands in front of his designs.

  • Designs by Michael White

  • Designs by Reformed School

  • Designs by Iridium

  • Denim collection created by Mallory Fifer.

  • Mallory Fifer's designs

  • 3-D character artist Jordan Filipovich models Mallory Fifer's creations.

  • Wardrobe stylist Michael Ashley of the Runway Addicts blog stands in front of denim pieces later used by Michelle Janayea in her on-demand live sewing.

  • Organizers Amanda Harth of the Runway Addicts blog and Ciera McKissick of AMFM online magazine pose in front of an installation by Jane Georges.

  • Zel wore a skirt and a headband put together by her parents during the children's denim workshop.

  • Denim galore during the kids workshop

  • Children painted denim pieces they picked at the Chicago Art Department.

  • Wardrobe stylist Troy Hubbard during the Indigo Nation pop-up shop at the Maybe Sunday boutique

  • Create The New World designer Lyntuan Jones during the Indigo Nation pop-up shop at Maybe Sunday

  • Designer, artist, and activist Michelle Janayea did live sewing throughout the event.

Originally posted on the Chicago Reader.
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