Friday, August 25, 2017

Designer Gabrielle Zwick Shows How a Bathing Suit Can Simplify Your Life

As the base for every outfit, swimwear designer Gabrielle Zwick picked a colorful and flattering bathing suit with strategic cutout, available at

While still being comfortable, chunky heels make the look more appropriate for a museum or art gallery; a circle black skirt completes the outfit.

A pair of flared pants and a see-through piece on top elevate the swimsuit to rooftop party material.

All illustrations by Rosemary Fanti

From the Beach to the Rooftop

Few places are more exciting than Chicago in the summer. With so much to do on a gorgeous sunny day, who has the time to go back home and change? We put swimwear designer and Chicago Fashion Incubator alum Gabrielle Zwick up to the challenge of creating three different looks for a stylish girl who will be enjoying every facet of the city from dawn till dusk. She will start at the beach, then go see some art at a gallery or museum, and ultimately finish her outing at a fun rooftop party. The catch? Everything needs to fit in a simple beach bag—and she needs to feel fabulous all the time. For this task Gabrielle picked one of her intricate statement bathing suits and paired it with light basic garments. “A swimsuit is such an amazing and versatile piece,” she says. “It can be styled with high waist jeans or a skirt, just like a body suit. Only a swimsuit enables you to add swimming to the mix!” Since her pieces are double layered with nylon and spandex, they can also function as shapewear (aka Spanx).

“So why not wear something this flattering as everyday clothing?,” she says. Many suits also have underwire and adjustable straps unlike most bodysuits. Women have been wearing lingerie as ready-to-wear for several years now. “I believe this is simply the next step in the fashion evolution,” predicts the designer.

See more of Gabrielle's swimsuits at

And learn about Rosemary Fanti's commercial and live event illustrations at Love her work!
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