Friday, October 7, 2016


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Go with the flow

One of Chicago's great arenas for people watching is the School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduation ceremony. On the occasion of SAIC's 150th anniversary commencement in mid-May, fine arts major Misael Oquendo modeled an ensemble assembled by Holly Rae McClintock, his fashion-designer girlfriend and fellow SAIC student. "We started with a pair of white wide-flare pants by Feifei Yang and looked to old or thrifted items to contrast the quality of the pants," he says. "My shoes were these four-year-old boots from Zara that had been refurbished a couple times after taking a beating throughout Chicago winters. By the time the spring season flourished, they were again in poor condition, so we decided to paint them monochrome white in celebration of graduation."

Originally published in the Chicago Reader.

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