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Winter Fun

Buffalo Exchange fashion buyer Teresa Gugliotta-Kremer was photographed during her break.

When you are buying for Buffalo Exchange, what do you look for in a garment? What trends are happening right now?
Some of the things we’re looking for right now for women are seventies-influenced pieces like lace-up blouses and bell-sleeve dresses. As well as updated basics like high-waisted dark-wash denim and button-front mini-skirts. For men we’re doing well with modern classics like slim-fit button downs and dark-wash tapered denim. We’re also doing well with styles influenced by street labels like long-line tees, bold graphics and joggers.

What is your wardrobe like? What was the best purchase you’ve ever made?
My wardrobe! Princess meets Marimekko: colorful though dominated by pink, vintage sparkles, bold abstract prints and comfortable flattering basics. The best purchase I ever made was a vintage ankle-length tweed coat with a ten-inch-deep fox-fur collar: thirty-five dollars at the Randolph Street Antique Market. I wore it for two winters and then the fur fell apart so I retired it.

Can you tell me more about the pieces you are wearing? How would you name your look?
A lot of things I bought at Buffalo Exchange—purple Uggs, Nike coat and Gap circle dress; the black-and-white polka-dot button-down hoodie I thrifted. I would call this look “Asian Princess in Central Park.”

What’s your best secondhand shopping tip?
My best tip is don’t give up, and look through everything. Most thrift stores have so much stuff that if you exert the effort and really look thoroughly you’ll find something great for really cheap. Accept the fact that it might be tiring and make you grumpy, but most of the time it’s worth it. What is great about Buffalo Exchange is that we dig through to make things easier.

How do you make your winter outfits fun?
This is really hard! Challenge yourself to wear color in the winter—The Mindy Project is inspiring on this front. Pair it with comfy flattering stuff. I’ve been wearing Lululemon leggings a lot this winter. Get fun winter accessories like a hat with two colorful pompoms on it or giant earmuffs. This way bundling up can make you smile instead of suffocate!

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Fashion advice from Chicago's gentleman thrifter

By day, Julius Adorsu Jr. is a supervisor at a major retailer's tire center. He spends his offhours elevating secondhand shopping to a science. On his personal style blog, Thrift Like a Gentleman, he offers advice on "dressing well without breaking the bank."

"Biggest tip, I’d say, is be patient, persistent, and consistent," he says. "It takes time to find great deals that may be worth it to you. There will be months where you strike out and days you hit fashionable home runs."

Julius will be featured this week in the Chicago Reader.

Renata and Idris

Soldier on

It's hard to believe BFFs Renata Wright (the singer-songwriter known as Dragun) and Idris Weekly (the recording artist who goes by the name IkeZero) don't waste time planning their outfits. The roommates from Saint Louis say coordinating is too contrived. Complementing each other is just "something that happens," Wright says. The pair's grungy-warrior look mixes camo, footwear with a metallic sheen, and an upper layer that adds a pop of primary color. Their sartorial influences are varied: the costume design of the Hunger Games films, characters from the Mortal Kombat video game series (namely Raiden and Kung Lao), Run-D.M.C., fashion from feudal Japan, and even extreme sports. How do all those things come together? Follow them on Instagram at @ikezero and @teacupdragun to find out. 

Originally published in the Chicago Reader.

Yohtii and Tayhee

None more black

Colorful outerwear is always a great opportunity to brighten up the city’s bleak winter landscape. But you can hardly fault Yohtii Law and Tayhee Tung for wearing all black when they look so damn good. Art students visiting from New York City, they had just stopped by the Bucktown boutique RSVP Gallery—and despite their somber monochromatic looks, they managed to stand out. “All of my clothes are black because it is full of mystery and coolness,” Tung says. The couple gets inspiration from Japanese labels such as Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons, the brand of Tung’s puffer jacket. The pair show off more of their minimal goth style on Instagram at @yohtiii and @tung.16.

Originally published in the Chicago Reader.


Icelandic style comes to Chicago

SAIC student Inga, who is part Icelandic, honors her heritage by crafting a look that's as soothing as a hot spring. "I always appreciated how the landscape is stark but beautiful, so I try to find ways of being visually striking but dressed simply", she explains. "I find that I'm mainly attracted to black, gray, brown, green, white, and blue, which are probably inspired by the scenery". Her outfit is minimal and sexy, with a cool touch courtesy of her NASA "I need my space" sports cap. "I mostly wear my mother's clothes—and if I don't, I seek out silhouettes that she taught me to appreciate," Inga says. "I love high-waisted pants, wide legs, and things that reveal the body in subtle ways." Inga was photographed at the closing of Paula Nacif's exhibition at TCC Chicago in Humboldt Park. Find her on Instagram at @ingughh and see more Icelandic style in the presently static, but still great, Hel Looks blog.

Originally posted in the Chicago Reader.


 Super Cute

Artist and SAIC student Paula Nacif (@heypaulanacif) was closing her fR(o)(o)it L(o)(o)pS exhibit with a brunch at TCC Chicago in Humboldt Park.

What is your work about? How does it compare with your wardrobe?
I am interested in exploring the intersection of the digital and the tropical in my work—like, what it means to be considered exotic and tropical by an outside perspective because of my geographical origin (Brazil), but then also what happens when my teenage formative years were spent online, in multinational and cultural spaces. In the same way I like a lot of variety in my wardrobe, unapologetically clashing colors, prints, different brands and styles, always showing that multiplicity of the self.

How would you define your style?
I think I would describe my style as super cute!

In your ideal world, how would people be dressed?
I’m pretty happy with the way people dress! As long as you feel good and you’re not wearing a T-shirt with something offensive written on it, I’m good. I think people shouldn’t be afraid to wear something if it’s too crazy.

What is your favorite piece of clothing? Why?
My favorite piece of clothing ever is this red plaid coat with a fur blue collar I got in Portugal at this old-lady clothing store. I just love thinking about cute old ladies wearing the same coat as me, looking flawless and adorable.

What are the Top 5 influences in your aesthetic?
1. Mulher Melancia (Watermelon Woman) aka Andressa Soares, and the “mulheres frutas” (fruit women) of Brazil; 2. The website and geocities/ early web; 3. Sparkly animated gifs and; 4. Cute tiny animal vids; 5. Fruit popsicles (especially watermelon flavor).

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Dani of Mermaid Waves

 Photograph by Kelly McGowan / Courtesy of Mermaid Waves

Chic Chicago: Interviews With Style (Bloggers)
In this series we will be featuring some of the movers and shakers of our fashion culture. We’re starting with the best-dressed ladies of the local blogosphere.

Dani McGowan of Mermaid Waves
Instagram: @mermaidwaves

Blogging since? December 2013

Why did you start blogging? I felt like I had a new and unique perspective on style, as a fifteen-year-old, that I couldn’t find on other blogs.

What do you love most about blogging? How much blogging pushes me to try new things! I’ve become much more confident since I’ve started my blog.

Favorite fashion blogs and magazines? The Blonde Salad, Refinery 29 and Nylon Mag.

Style influences? The Olsen twins, Alexa Chung and random people I find on Instagram.

Styling and shopping tips? Wear and buy what makes you feel like the best version of you!

Originally published in Newcity.
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