Sunday, October 20, 2013

Josh Illustrates #3

Chicago Looks is proud to present super talented artist Josh Crow as a regular collaborator - here he illustrates his favorites looks in the blog. 

Check out Josh's own site Crow The Painter, and also Drawn and Coutured - which he runs along with über stylish and also contributor Alanna Zaritz. Follow him on Instagram @shuacrow.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Street View 133: Alley

Flawless goth chic on my Bleader post here.

Street View 132: Marcus

Marcus always rules... Check out his latest styling feat on my Bleader post here.


Vincent Uribe is an artist and the director os LVL3 gallery in Wicker Park. He was shot during the Natural Resources Defense Council Expo-related event at the Civic Opera rooftop and featured in the latest Chicago Looks Newcity design column. Read what he has to say about artists and style here and get a print Newcity issue in select places all over town, such as Lula Cafe, Quimbys, Myopic Books etc.

Hey, that's me!

I was recently featured on Groupon's new cool city guide in their Style & Beauty section. They have a bunch of great street style shots there, by the way, worth checking out.

Thanks Mae Rice for the article and Andrew Nawrocki for the awesome shot!

PS: I sure forgot to mention a bunch of people, I apologize in advance.

Street View 131: Elise

Elise does evening bohemian chic perfectly on my Bleader post here.

Street View 130: Eric

See how Eric dresses for success on my Bleader post here.

Street View 129: Heather

Check out Heather's awesome rockabilly shoes on my Bleader post here.


Kanani was shot before she modeled at Latino Fashion Week this year.

Street View 128: Claudia

Claudia's sexy ladylike Karol Andrea look stood out during the last Latino Fashion Week, check it out on my Bleader post here.

Street View 127: Amanda

Check out Amanda's whole fun skater girl look on my Bleader post here.

Fashion-related TED Talks I loved

Jessi Arrington: Wearing nothing new

MY FAVE!! Check out Jessi's adorable vintage outfits on her blog, Lucky So and So.

Virginia Postrel: On glamour

Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Street View 126: Kim Gordon (again!)

And she killed it (again!). Check out her full look (including her AMAZEBALLS metallic booties) on my Bleader post here.

Street View 125: Eric

Check out Eric's pro accessorizing on my Bleader post here



Follow Kara's Twitter: @writer_babe


Accessory designer Leah Ball has been recently featured in Newcity and on this blog as well, read her interview here and check out her fabulous jewelry line here (and in the shots above, it's all her stuff!).
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