Thursday, November 13, 2014


So why all of these summer pictures?? I'm delayed! I've been dedicating most of my time to the Reader and Newcity, and it's been hard to keep up with my dear blog. But I'll do it. Hang in there! In the meantime stay tuned with my my Instagram (@chicagolooks), Street View (my Reader column) and Newcity.

By the way I just put up a street exhibit in Wicker Park on Milwaukee Ave, just south of Damen in that little construction nook. You're invited! I just can't guarantee it will be there... 

Also in Logan Square along Milwaukee:

More updates soon! I'll catch up - stay tuned!


Emily was also featured in print in the Chicago Reader last summer. Read her story below:

Hot Wheels

It felt like tumbling into a bottomless, pitch-dark abyss, Emily Barker says. The multimedia artist and School of the Art Institute student was among friends at a summer-night rooftop gathering two years ago when a poorly constructed skylight she stepped onto gave way and she fell three stories. The largest vertebrae in her spine turned to powder, but the accident didn’t sever her spinal cord. Doctors gave her a 1 percent chance of walking again. The 22-year-old also suffers from neuropathy, constant, often excruciating pain caused by the severe nerve damage. But her sunny attitude doesn’t betray her discomfort. Plus, in her $8 thrifted outfit, she looks stunning, like a siren on wheels. “I don’t think being in a wheelchair should make anyone feel less beautiful,” she says. Barker is currently inspired by, a fashion and fitness website created by some of her peers. She’s also starting her own lifestyle blog,, and just started saving for a lighter wheelchair. Her insurance won’t replace the bulky 30-pounder she’s currently using, so she’s raising funds at 

—Isa Giallorenzo

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Zechariah Melton is a writer and the lead singer of the band Labors. His short novel "Vermillion" is being released by The Godhead Publishing. Read what Zech had to say about his style in my Newcity column here, and find the latest issue in select locations all over town.


Chris was also featured in my Reader column, check it out here.


Rachel was also featured in my Reader style column, check it our here. Her necklace/lighter holder is by Mary Kate Peterson.




Aimee was featured in the Chicago Looks Newcity column, read what she had to say here and get your latest issue all over town. Aimee was also in my Reader column, check it out here.






Florian was also featured on the Chicago Reader blog, check it out here.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


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