Saturday, February 26, 2011


This and the next 5 posts were shot during the Spring '11 Cynthia Rowley preview hosted by Amy Creyer from Chicago Streetstyle Scene.

Emily and Kait


Alma Wieser is a fashion designer and my business partner at Vintage Heaven.


George is wearing a glitter jacket by Sisterman Chicago.


Ben is the lady behind Sisterman Chicago, specialized in vintage party gear.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Matt Kasin, also known as The Gaudy God, treated the guests from the Cynthia Rowley's event to a free manicure session. If you missed it you can find him at Strange Beauty on 1118 N. Ashland.

Cynthia Rowley Spring '11 Preview hosted by Amy Creyer

Chicago Streetstyle Scene's Amy Creyer, the hostess of the event.

Kait and Emily

Fashion designer Alma Wieser and Alysse D'Alessandro from The Sometimes Store (and a writer for Boystown).

Alysse, Ben from Sisterman Chicago, Sarah Zakareckis from Hush Chicago Magazine and George Kanoon.

Beauty artists Cortney Tippin and Anthony Maslo - he will be presenting a fashion show this Monday (more info soon).

The Gaudy God's hit nail treatment.

Lau from Cynthia Rowley.

Dave Dobie and Alma Wieser from Heaven Gallery.

Roberto Del Rio, fashion writer for

Lisa from Archives Chicago and Sartoriography's Emily.

Pictures from the fun and very well attended event hosted by Chicago Streestyle Scene's Amy Creyer at the Bucktown Cynthia Rowley, with complimentary manicures, hair styling and mini-makeovers by Halley Nop, Anthony Maslo and Matt Kasin. See the whole team below:

Great job, guys! When is the next one??

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attention undiscovered Chicago fashion talents!

Just got this in the mail:

Kenmore Live Studio Opens Casting for "So You Wanna Be a Designer".
Calling Chicago Design Contenders to Apply for Series First Season

WHAT: Aspiring designers, fashion-forward creatives and those who think their stylish imagination and originality are a cut above the rest are welcome to apply today for ‘So You Wanna Be a Designer', a Kenmore Live Studio online fashion reality show.

If you’d like to appear on So You Wanna Be a Designer to take the ultimate designers’ journey and compete for the chance to show your work to fashion insiders and a captive online audience, the time to apply is now.

Hosted by Debbie Jagel and broadcast on Facebook, the show will expose six selected contestants to top designers, stylists and photographers as they learn the ins and outs of the fashion business and compete for a grand prize of $20,000 and a Kenmore Elite laundry pair.

If you’ve dreamt of making it in the fashion world, this is your opportunity to showcase your skills in a new, online approach to reality competition. Invitations for contestants, which will take place in Chicago, will be issued in March.

WHEN: Apply Now through – March 4
WHERE: To apply, visit and click “Be a Designer” on the left hand side of the page.

Kenmore Live Studio
678 N. Wells Street
(312) 265-0871

If you have questions about this event please get in touch with Kenmore, NOT Chicago Looks. Thanks! Good luck!



If you live in Logan Square it's very likely you're either one of Vasso's friends, fans or that you have at least seen her around chatting with one of the many people she knows.

Vasso is a jewelry designer (she made the necklace she's wearing) and a true vintage connoisseur, check out her Vintagevasso Etsy shop here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pawn Works Sticker Club

This is one of the 30 sticker machines created by the Pawn Works Sticker Club, run by Nick Marzullo (from Chicago, featured here in the blog) and Seth Mooney (NYC). Each sticker costs only 50 cents and they're incredibly fun to collect.

The PWSC manages to keep such low prices because they operate basically at a not-for-profit level. Their goal is "to provide people with a tangible piece of art at a low cost while connecting artists from around the globe." The artists can have their work printed in high quality vinyl for free and have it distributed for them. They get 10% of the stickers back for their own use as well.

According to Nick the idea came out of the love for stickers he and his business partner Seth Mooney shared: "We thought of working with street artists to have stickers that were cool to us to this day as the Sponge Bob and sports stickers are to children.". Their concept is totally original. Nick explains there are other sticker trading groups, but they're the only ones making stickers for artists and distributing them through vending machines.

The reason why I'm showing this is because 1. IT'S DAMN COOL! 2. It's street art, Chicago Looks features street fashion, so we all share the same space, and 3. The PWSC has intervened in the pictures being exhibited at the Chicago Looks show. Some of the stickers sold at the machines can be seen among the portraits at Heaven Gallery.

In Chicago their machines can be found at:

In NY they rotate from shop to shop and they are currently at the Brooklynite Gallery, Factory Fresh and Factory Studios.

They also have a machine at The Business record shop in Anacortes, Washington, and many more being customized by their roster of artists. See who they are here.

Still on the Chicago Looks show

I promise I'll soon stop talking about it, ok? But check out the reviews fashion bloggers Jena from ChiCityFashion and Emily from Sartoriography posted in their blogs and see some of the photos they snapped below.

Jena and her portrait featured on the Chicago Streestyle Scene panel.

One of the Chicago Looks panels.

Follow them on Twitter: @ChiCityFashion and @sartoriography.
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