Thursday, February 25, 2016


Winter Fun

Buffalo Exchange fashion buyer Teresa Gugliotta-Kremer was photographed during her break.

When you are buying for Buffalo Exchange, what do you look for in a garment? What trends are happening right now?
Some of the things we’re looking for right now for women are seventies-influenced pieces like lace-up blouses and bell-sleeve dresses. As well as updated basics like high-waisted dark-wash denim and button-front mini-skirts. For men we’re doing well with modern classics like slim-fit button downs and dark-wash tapered denim. We’re also doing well with styles influenced by street labels like long-line tees, bold graphics and joggers.

What is your wardrobe like? What was the best purchase you’ve ever made?
My wardrobe! Princess meets Marimekko: colorful though dominated by pink, vintage sparkles, bold abstract prints and comfortable flattering basics. The best purchase I ever made was a vintage ankle-length tweed coat with a ten-inch-deep fox-fur collar: thirty-five dollars at the Randolph Street Antique Market. I wore it for two winters and then the fur fell apart so I retired it.

Can you tell me more about the pieces you are wearing? How would you name your look?
A lot of things I bought at Buffalo Exchange—purple Uggs, Nike coat and Gap circle dress; the black-and-white polka-dot button-down hoodie I thrifted. I would call this look “Asian Princess in Central Park.”

What’s your best secondhand shopping tip?
My best tip is don’t give up, and look through everything. Most thrift stores have so much stuff that if you exert the effort and really look thoroughly you’ll find something great for really cheap. Accept the fact that it might be tiring and make you grumpy, but most of the time it’s worth it. What is great about Buffalo Exchange is that we dig through to make things easier.

How do you make your winter outfits fun?
This is really hard! Challenge yourself to wear color in the winter—The Mindy Project is inspiring on this front. Pair it with comfy flattering stuff. I’ve been wearing Lululemon leggings a lot this winter. Get fun winter accessories like a hat with two colorful pompoms on it or giant earmuffs. This way bundling up can make you smile instead of suffocate!

Originally published in Newcity.
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