Thursday, February 25, 2016


Icelandic style comes to Chicago

SAIC student Inga, who is part Icelandic, honors her heritage by crafting a look that's as soothing as a hot spring. "I always appreciated how the landscape is stark but beautiful, so I try to find ways of being visually striking but dressed simply", she explains. "I find that I'm mainly attracted to black, gray, brown, green, white, and blue, which are probably inspired by the scenery". Her outfit is minimal and sexy, with a cool touch courtesy of her NASA "I need my space" sports cap. "I mostly wear my mother's clothes—and if I don't, I seek out silhouettes that she taught me to appreciate," Inga says. "I love high-waisted pants, wide legs, and things that reveal the body in subtle ways." Inga was photographed at the closing of Paula Nacif's exhibition at TCC Chicago in Humboldt Park. Find her on Instagram at @ingughh and see more Icelandic style in the presently static, but still great, Hel Looks blog.

Originally posted in the Chicago Reader.
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