Thursday, February 25, 2016


 Super Cute

Artist and SAIC student Paula Nacif (@heypaulanacif) was closing her fR(o)(o)it L(o)(o)pS exhibit with a brunch at TCC Chicago in Humboldt Park.

What is your work about? How does it compare with your wardrobe?
I am interested in exploring the intersection of the digital and the tropical in my work—like, what it means to be considered exotic and tropical by an outside perspective because of my geographical origin (Brazil), but then also what happens when my teenage formative years were spent online, in multinational and cultural spaces. In the same way I like a lot of variety in my wardrobe, unapologetically clashing colors, prints, different brands and styles, always showing that multiplicity of the self.

How would you define your style?
I think I would describe my style as super cute!

In your ideal world, how would people be dressed?
I’m pretty happy with the way people dress! As long as you feel good and you’re not wearing a T-shirt with something offensive written on it, I’m good. I think people shouldn’t be afraid to wear something if it’s too crazy.

What is your favorite piece of clothing? Why?
My favorite piece of clothing ever is this red plaid coat with a fur blue collar I got in Portugal at this old-lady clothing store. I just love thinking about cute old ladies wearing the same coat as me, looking flawless and adorable.

What are the Top 5 influences in your aesthetic?
1. Mulher Melancia (Watermelon Woman) aka Andressa Soares, and the “mulheres frutas” (fruit women) of Brazil; 2. The website and geocities/ early web; 3. Sparkly animated gifs and; 4. Cute tiny animal vids; 5. Fruit popsicles (especially watermelon flavor).

Originally published in Newcity.

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