Thursday, March 13, 2014

Caroline Styles #5

Photographs by Caroline

"Hello again! I don't know about you, but I am certainly sick of this weather! Sure, I like to look out the window while it's snowing, drink hot chocolate by the fireplace, and all the usual wintertime activities. However, I just really want to bust out my spring dresses and be able to put flowers in my hair! In the meantime, I settled for this old coat that I found the other day. This coat was actually mine when I was really young (I mean like 3 or 4, and yes, I don't know how it fits me either). It used to be a full length coat, but now it's a short coat! I am really in love with the bright red color, the velvet peter pan collar, the little embroidery, and the buttons (basically the entire coat). I only thought it suitable to center my outfit around the coat, so I paired with with a blue velvet dress (also from my childhood), a straw hat, some vintage oxfords, and my Miffy earrings. This outfit is a cry to mother nature for springtime to come NOW! Tata for now!"


YEAH, bring on that spring, girl! I'm crying out to mother nature too, can you hear me? Now you're using your very own vintage, that's smart. Like a friend of mine used to say: you gotta shop your own closet.

Caroline is one of Chicago Looks fabulous collaborators - see her previous contributions hereherehere and here. More coming soon, stay tuned!
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