Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Caroline Styles #2

"Around this time of the year (winter) I start to fantasize about spring and summer. I make lists in my mind of all the things I plan to do and winter anxiety begins to build up inside of me. In particular, I... DREAM of the gorgeous flowers that will bloom in my garden. I love to put fresh flowers in my hair, make crowns, necklaces, etc. But, I can't do that in the winter. SO, these outfits are inspired by my love of flowers, but lack of their presence."

"I recently went to Forever21 and got this lovely skirt (which I've been wearing a lot lately) at their 50% off sale. It was only 10 dollars! I am especially happy when I get clothes for a good deal, because I am quite the cheap-skate. In addition to its great price it has VELVET FLOWERS on it. You can't see it in the picture (due to my outstanding camera -_-), but the flowers aren't all navy . They're silvery and black and navy.
Underneath it , I'm actually wearing a dress that I upcycled. I mentioned it in my last post. I found this lovely dress in my basement. I cut it and my mother hemmed it for me (since I don't trust myself).
The hat I'm wearing is a rad bowler hat I got from Hand M that just makes me want to wear a monocle and bow tie.
I found the backpack I have on a few days ago while cleaning out closets. I was overjoyed because I've always wanted a backpack just like it. Even though cleaning is not too fun, I always motivated by the treasure that lurks under the piles of crap.
On an added note, the binoculars are just for fun and so are the other props I use in the outfits below :)" 

"Again, I'm loving long skirts. I just put some leggings and warm socks underneath them and I'm able to enjoy the comfort and cuteness of skirts while still keeping warm. This skirt I got at urban outfitters on a 50% off sale as well. Honestly the best time to shop is after Christmas. There are wayyy better deals than before Christmas!
Underneath it, I'm wearing a black lace dress that is originally from H and M, but I bought it from Goodwill! Funny how that worked out.
As far as accessories go, I'm wearing a little floral crown of sorts on my bun (which is badly done, buns are not my forte). I bought it from my local consignment shop. It was part of a ballet costume, and I must admit, I was quite tempted to buy the entire ballet costume :)
The earrings I made myself with shrinky dinks! If you don't know what those are, well they're the best invention since gummy bears. Basically it's this plastic that you can draw on to create your own jewelry. You pop it in the oven and it shrinks! I've always wanted skeleton earrings, so I thought what better way to get them than make them myself. Unfortunately I dropped one, so part of one's leg is broken. but do not fear, he shall be fixed!
The gloves were part of some costume and the tea cup candle is also from goodwill. Pretty cool huh?"

"A closer look at my earrings and crown."

"This outfit is really screaming "I want spring to come". ;)
I've been seeing patterned leggings everywhere, so I though I'd try them. I like these a lot, because they provide the cuteness of patterned tights, while providing more warmth than simple tights could give. I also like them because well...they're covered in flowers.
The "shirt" is actually a romper i got at the 50% off Forever 21 sale as well. I simply tucked it into my staple black circle skirt. This is probably my must worn article of clothing (and its starting to show).
My lipstick is actually not mine.'s my sister's. It's Mac's "Matte Force of Love", which was part of their "Chenman" collection. I usually stick to matte red lipstick, but this color is too pretty to not be worn, and well since my sister hasn't worn it, I figured I should.
I tried to do a spinning and jumping picture for this outfit, but they didn't come out so i was left with this "interesting" leaning against the fence photo."

Caroline is to me one of those mysteries, just like Tavi Gevinson - and also Chicago Looks own contributor Abby Nierman: how can this girl be so young and so stylish??? So sophisticated?? How can she follow trends so wisely? How can she be so original without committing the usual youth sin of taking it too far? There's only one explanation: these girls were total fashion divas in their past lives. Sorry I have to resort to the supernatural, but that's the only way I can wrap my head around these precocious ladies of style... 

I first saw Caroline on Armitage while she was shopping with her sister. I spotted her from far. She had a polka dot shirt on and ripped tights (see the whole look here). I just loved everything about her, including the shiny braces. Everything was so age appropriate, but at the same time COOL. Cute, cool and chic. 

So now I'm really proud to have her as a regular contributor to this blog. Check her first column here and read more about who she is below: 

"Hello, my name is Caroline. I must admit, I find the task of creating a description about myself is quite difficult. I mean, how am I, or anyone for that matter, supposed to write a few lines about who we are, when in reality we are... A LOT OF THINGS. So I guess the best way to do this is simply to name a few of my interests, a few, because I have many. Anyway, I have to give credit for for being such a huge inspiration to me. Through Rookie, I have branched out to find and do so many new things. I hit a road bump in my life and I was so frazzled, trying desperately to figure out who I was, and in doing so I was everything I wasn't. I'm still a teenager, so I still haven't exactly figured out 100% WHO I am, but I'm getting there. I'm sure there's adults out there who are still figuring themselves out too. What I do know about myself is this: I love style. It's a great feeling to get up in the morning and to try on a bunch of different outfits that I find represent who I am (or who I'm slowly finding) and then rush to get ready because the bus is going to come soon. Besides the obvious fashion aspect of my interests I enjoy photography as well. I think I'm going to buy a used Olympus Evolt 420 on Amazon. To give you a bit more about me I like to: play the violin, make crafts (particularly with felt, buttons, and ribbons), ride my bike (I need a new one, a bigger one), explore (I live in a suburban town so it's not that exciting, but i have found some neat places, I also like to go to the city to explore), go shopping (thrift stores and cheap clothes are where it's at), and take my dog for walks (she's a lessthanfivepound chihuahua miniature pinscher mix, her name's Harley). I also love flowers (especially putting them in my hair) anything vintage (old books smell wonderful), and animals (how can you not love them?). My goal is to make a blog about me filled with all of things things and more, and I'm looking to start it during winter break. So, although I may not have a blog right now...look for one coming in the near future:)"

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