Sunday, March 30, 2014

Alanna Picks #11: Cameron

photographs by Alanna Zaritz -

Why Cameron: "I am a sucker for great hair, which is totally the crown of any outfit. Cameron here has basically won the hair lottery with his thick Botticelli ringlets. We bonded over his Zara blazer (we were both wearing the label) but he made it look like Gucci. The thin-knit scarf, wrapped like a cravat, was a great romantic detail, and i love that his vintage boots are a warm brown, as opposed to black. similarly, there's an intriguing contradiction between his minimalist, modern overcoat and the old-fashioned roundness of his frames."

SO ROMANTIC!! Zara uniting people...

Alanna Zaritz runs the blog Drawn and Coutured - along with Josh Crow - and is a regular contributor to Chicago Looks. Here she gets to share all the mad style she comes across while hanging out in the coolest places - such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, where she currently works.
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