Friday, February 7, 2014

Caroline Styles #4

"Hello! Long time no see, but this year you'll be seeing lots more of me (hey that rhymes)! I found this gorgeous black lace dress while rummaging through some of my mother's old clothes and she was nice enough to give it to me (thanks, mom!). It has sort of a witchey vibe, which is pretty rad. I love this dress, it's definitely a new favorite! I wore it with a thrifted little cape coat, some old and very destroyed boot, a choker that I got on sale from Topshop, and my black button earrings. I also did my hair in some milk maid braids (one of my go-to hairstyles) and braided some black ribbon in to them as well. I hope yo enjoyed this wonderfully wintery witchey outfit!"


HELL YEAH, girl! Quite a stylish and gorgeous witch you turned out to be. Gotta raid your mom's closet, way to go!

Caroline is one of Chicago Looks fabulous collaborators - see her previous contributions here, here and here. More coming soon, stay tuned!
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