Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Episode of ‘So You Wanna Be a Designer’ Reality Fashion Show

Watch tomorrow Thursday March 24 at 7:00 p.m. CT here:

WHAT: six aspiring Chicago designers compete in the premiere of ‘So You Wanna Be a Designer, a Kenmore Live Studio online fashion reality show. The live reality show begins tomorrow and will be broadcast on Kenmore’s Facebook page. This first-of-its-kind reality show will expose six contestants to top designers, stylists and photographers as they learn the inner workings of the fashion business, vying for a grand prize of $20,000.

Local Chicagoans, fashion fiends and reality buffs are welcome to attend the live broadcast tomorrow night to watch designers add final touches, receive comments and critiques, and ultimately embark on a new challenge to jumpstart their careers. For those who cannot attend but want to keep a pulse of the series, visit

WHERE: Kenmore Live Studio

678 N. Wells Street

(312) 265-0871

ABOUT: The Kenmore Live Studio offers an interactive experience merging inspiration and innovation in downtown Chicago. The studio hosts free events open to the public as well as broadcasted live online at

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