Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Najee - Day 1

Since I'll be out of town for two weeks I invited two stylish people to share their daily sartorial choices with me and my followers. This week Chicago Looks is proud to present Najee D. Redd, also known as Dr. Funkenstein.

I first spotted Najee while I was getting off the bus on Damen - right in front of Sir & Madame, a shop where he doubles as a manager and a fashion designer. That shot is to this day one of my favorites. Najee is living proof you can have an incredibly elaborate style and still look like a guy. Boys, take notice!

Read more about this smart 22-year-old Hyde Park resident below:

What do you do in your free time? How about the times you're not free?
To be honest I often plan on taking these wonderful excursions across the Greater Chicago area; just seeing what new thrift stores, bookshops, video stores, museums, record shops, restaurants, or whatever other kitschy quasi-cool junk I can come across. But of course, these plans normally don't realize because I've discovered that relaxing is one of the most precious leisure activities (or "inactivities", rather) for me to be involved with. Oh, and my girlfriend (with whom I willfully spend most of my time) and I have Netflix streaming through the PS3 at home and I can't even begin what a worthwhile time-waster that's been.

When I'm not "free" you can catch me at working at Sir & Madame, where I'm the manager and part of the design team for our eponymous private label. But seeing how it's clearly one of the best jobs I could ask for and I've managed to escape the post-college corporate apocalypse, I'd say my time at Sir & Madame is very well spent.

What makes you happy?
I'm fairly easy to please so that would be crazy long so I won't bore anyone with that monologue. My life in general keeps me very happy. I've been very blessed.

What's the secret to your great style?
I think I'd just recently discovered that I had any remnant of style so the secret is still waiting to be unearthed. The people that I've watched around me growing up had some very amazing style as far as I'm concerned so much of my influence lies with them. I'm also very fond of ANYONE who wears exactly what they want...even if the look would normally be considered total crud. And to be frank, I really love clothes and the responsibility that comes with them to be boundlessy creative in how you choose to wear them. Lately, I've been aiming to be a little more "responsible" in that respect.

Where do you buy your clothes? What are your favorite shops? Any special tips?
I buy a lot of my clothes at Sir & Madame, and like anyone else who cares for the welfare of his/her bank account, thrift stores. I definitely try and support any independent shops in Chicago, pending they have something that I actually don't mind buying. As far as tips go, I'd say it's just as simple as buying what you like. Sure, we've all been victims of some very clever and downright unfair marketing tactics, and even depleted our bi-weekly paychecks on that one (or one hundred) "cool, gotta have, must have...disgusting 6 months later" item. But hey, we're all just beginners here. Live a little.

Find Najee online:
His blog, Permanent Wave
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