Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Abby - Day 1

Since I'll be out of town for two weeks I invited two stylish people to share their daily sartorial choices with me and my followers. This week Chicago Looks is proud to present Abby Nierman. I chose Abby because she was one of the first girls I noticed in my photo exhibit. Her style was incredibly cool - which is always very impressive on such a young lady. She's 16 years old and lives in Mundelein, a suburb just outside of Chicago.

Learn a bit more about Abby below:

What do you do in your free time? How about the times you're not free?
When I have free time I like to just go with the flow. I hang with friends often and we normally spend time outside. Im very interested in photography so I try to shoot everyday. Taking pictures is definitely my favorite thing to do. I want to study photography in college. My friends and I go to concerts often and thats always fun.

Well Im 'not free' most of the week during the school year. I am constantly busy with my Sophomore year in high school. I'm in art club and yearbook at my school. Although the school week is busy, I try to get out and do things with friends as often as I can.

What makes you happy?
My friends, taking pictures, and the summer make me happy. I love warm weather so the summer is one of my favorite times. Music also makes me VERY happy. As I mentioned before, I love to go to concerts.

What's the secret to your great style?
Hmm.. the secret to my great style... haha. Lets see, I try to wear what makes me feel good. I don't like having to keep a specific style... I just wear what I like.

Where do you buy your clothes? What are your favorite shops? Any special tips?
Most of my favorite clothes are from Salvation Army. My friends and I love to go thrifting and The Salvation Army is our go to store. There's so much to look at and everything is super cheap. My favorite stores are thrift stores, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and I like to shop on ModCloth.com.

Special tips... go to the back of the store. Everything is on sale back there :)

Find Abby here:
Her blog (where she's the most)
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