Monday, March 7, 2011

Hermès Festival of Crafts

Sounds like an interesting event:

"The secret language of the Hermès workshops and the words that describe the gests that give life to Hermès objects will be celebrated with its first travelling Festival des métiers (Festival of Crafts).

In a thoroughly modern setting by internationally acclaimed Milanese designer Paola Navone, the Festival is a vibrant celebration of craftsmanship and its indispensible knowledge and ability to create by hand. Starting on March 11 at 25 Oak Street in Chicago, the Festival will present weeklong demonstrations by the masterful craftsmen and women from the renowned Hermès workshops in France.

Opened to the public, guests will discover the poetic and visionary techniques of the Hermès craft, and discover the magic of the savoir-faire behind the handbags, scarves, jewelry and other iconic objects from the house of Hermès. Guests will also have the opportunity to meet the Hermès artisans at their workbenches, and experience at first-hand his or her highly-skilled trade such as leather making, silk engraving, jewelry making and many more.

The Festival will debut in Seattle on February 23 and run through February 28. It will open in Chicago from March 11 to March 16 and Washington D.C. from March 25 to March 30. The hours are from 11:00a.m to 6:00p.m.

Since 1837, when Hermès opened in Paris as a maker of harnesses and saddles, six generations of enterprising artisans have continued to extend their range and conquer new markets. Steeped in respect for the past and enthusiasm for the future, they haveperpetuated the cult of beautiful materials crafted with excellence, the love of beautiful objects made to last, and the spirit to keep on making it new"

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