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Teresa Gugliotta-Kremer and I are now taking turns producing and styling fashion editorials for Newcity! Her début was last year on The Holiday Issue:

Celebrate Your Traditions in a New Old-Fashioned Way

By Camille Acker
Styling: Teresa Gugliotta-Kremer
Photos: Tyesha Moores

Models: Frances Rich and Shaheem Anderson
These days, it’s easy to feel like a shadow is covering the land and the psyche. From the presidential election and its aftermath to the shortened days of a Midwestern winter, it’s easy to forget that warmth, laughter and light are just around the proverbial corner. But until spring arrives, how does the typical Chicagoan cope?
“Everyone always complains, ‘How are we going to do this?’ or ‘How are we going to get through this?’” says stylist Teresa Gugliotta-Kremer, a fashion buyer for Buffalo Exchange, when speaking of winter and perhaps of other things. But then she realized this: “People got through the winter before there was modern heating. I started thinking what did people used to do; what traditions people had (to use) to get through it.”
One tradition of the season is layering to keep warm and shopping in a variety of places to pull together a look that works for the occasion, the budget and the thermostat. The other tradition, of course, is gift giving and, when it comes to that, Gugliotta-Kremer has some ideas that can brighten anyone’s day while also sparking creativity. Her gift-giving strategy is focused on sating a need. She asks herself: “What need do I want to fulfill with this person?” 
Gugliotta-Kremer brought these ideas to life in her re-creations of paintings for this special gift guide with a Chicago-style bent. When a gift card will not do, consider these inspired ways to bring light, beauty, warmth and green into the lives of your loved ones.
See the whole fashion editorial in Newcity Design here. And check out Teresa's latest work in this month's Newcity - now a magazine! - featuring jewelry designer Meghan Lorenz of Cities In Dust. Take a quick peek below:

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