Thursday, June 8, 2017

Anwar and Janani

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Agents orange

While Anwar Mahdi makes a habit of coordinating outfits with friends, this time it was an accident. He and his BFF and fellow School of the Art Institute student Janani Nathan both showed up to their school's annual fashion show in vibrant, oddly harmonious (but not at all matching) looks that included an unusual mixture of prints. Their ensembles, it turned out, suited their chief reason for attending the occasion: to view the collection of Natalie Castro. "She makes thees incredible pieces of work with playful shapes interacting with color and pattern," Nathan says. "I have really intimate relationships with the patterns and colors I see on anything, and I try to mimic those in my clothing." As for Mahdi and his hand-painted Bengal-tiger-striped shoes? "I kinda just wanted to stand out and look like a tiger," he says.

Originally published in the Chicago Reader. 

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