Thursday, May 12, 2016

Learn how to sew with Anastasia Chatzka - hurry!

One of my dreams is making a circle skirt! Thanks, girl! LOVE your YouTube sewing channel!

I'm a huge fan of Anastasia Chatzka. She owns a boutique, designs the garments she sells, oversees the manufacturing (all made locally), promotes fashion shows and shopping events, updates her online shop and blog, keeps a brand ambassador and apprenticeship programs, and on top of it all now she also teaches sewing - online and in person. A new group starts on Monday - hurry up! See info below:

Learn How to Sew with Anastasia Chatzka

Ever wondered how your garments are made? Do you sit confused in front of YouTube videos on how to sew that apron you want to give as a gift? Plus, how frustrating is it when your zipper or strap breaks, and you can't fix it? Well - sign up to learn how to sew with Anastasia Chatzka.

The classes are for all skill levels. Whether your a first time sewer or someone simply looking to sharpen their skills.

Class Description:
Duration - 6 weeks
Start - May 16th / End - June 27th
Day - Monday's / Time - 7pm to 9pm
Cost - $180 per person for 6 weeks
Only 9 spots are available!!

Anastasia is a Chicago based fashion designer whose personality is the epitome of fun and colorful. Anastasia is the owner and creative director of the Anastasia Boutique/Atelier in Wicker Park where she designs, sews, and films the content for her YouTube sewing channel, Sew Anastasia

To sign up for the 6 week sewing course with Anastasia, please call 586.610.4096, email or stop into the Anastasia Boutique (1001 N. Damen Ave.)


To view Anastasia Chatzka’s Sewing YouTube Channel, please visit 
Sew Anastasia
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