Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Cool Confidence

Ayesha Azarcon (@vvhack) was "just wandering" in Pilsen.

The more I look at your outfit the more I love all the details—the glitter socks, the thin studded belt, the layering… Do you always dress so thoughtfully? What's your styling process like?
First off, thanks for noticing the details! I'm all about the little things. The full picture often ends up secondary, a cool coincidence, spurred by a mood or a dream. Some days I wake up feeling like a pile of hot sludge, this day it might have been a vision of Willy Wonka with a splash of Tank Girl up top.

Is there any special meaning in the eye embroidered on your hat?
It's my third eye. It can see five seconds into the future, protects me from some evil, spices up my trapper hat real nice, the works. I found it online (, true story.

Where did you get these cool sunnies? Where do you like to shop here in Chicago?
EBay! I'm more of an internet person; pretty strictly thrift IRL. Almost everything I wear is secondhand, mostly out of necessity, but digging for gems in one man's trash is also its own reward.

Who and what inspires your style?
Horror manga, dystopian sci-fi, twee, fake flowers, all that is fun, scary, impractical, artificial.

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?
So much mesh and glitter, trying to look like a mermaid caught in a net.

Do you have a good fashion-related story from your past to share?
I don't know about fashion-related, but one time I was taking the train from the dentist's office, took the gauze out of my mouth too early and had to drink my own blood all the way home. It was gnarly.

Originally published in Newcity.

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