Thursday, May 12, 2016


Tomboy and Ladylike

Performing artist, dancer, vintage collector, stylist and barista Caitlin Rafferty (@C_rafferty) was on her way to get some coffee after doing groceries at Dill Pickle.

What item that you're wearing do you love the most, and why?
I love my denim romper the most. I just bought it from a vintage thrift store in Brooklyn, New York. I can move around in it and sit like a boy, while wearing heels with it. It has a nice tomboy feel to it, yet ladylike as well. It also looks like something Chloë Sevigny would wear.

Who inspires your wardrobe?Chloë Sevigny and my mother.

Where do you shop for clothes here?
I find a lot of my stuff in my mom's closet or at estate sales around Chicago—I find the coolest things at those. I also find myself going in and out of Village Discount and Una Mae's the most.

How do you find out about those estate sales? Have you ever been to a really bizarre or somehow special one?
I go to and type in a zip code to find the ones in the area or close by. Yes, it was a Puerto Rican woman who was selling her uncle's stuff who had passed away. She came from Puerto Rico just to sell his stuff for him. He collected radios and record players. There was an attic that was full to the ceiling, and we crawled and walked over piles of junk. It was wicked hot and humid and I ended up passing out from the heat and dust. But I scored some awesome beat-up clothes and an old school radio. It was worth it. I ended up becoming great friends with her and used to go over there for lunch sometimes. It's great to see the families and hear the stories of people who you are buying from. It makes the things you buy more meaningful with a story to it.

If you knew the world would end tomorrow, what would you wear today?
I would wear my pigeon-striped dress made by @napkinapocalypse.

Originally published in Newcity.
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