Thursday, May 14, 2015

Newcity TOP 5 fashion trends of 2014 illustratred by Josh Crow

 1. Normcore: Think Seinfeld, soccer moms and suburban tourists.

 2. Sporty chic: Sneakers got out of the gym and ventured into fancier territories.

3. Healthgoth: Those who love darkness as much as juicing and pumping iron finally found a tribe to call their own, with Johnny Love as a local guru.

4. Candy-colored hair: That Buick billboard with the blue-haired girl proved this trend finally went mainstream.

 5. Easy and breezy: Mesh and all-white were all the rage in this year’s summer music festivals.

Illustrated by Josh Crow and written by Isa Giallorenzo, with Alanna Zaritz

This list was also featured in Newcity - see more of their Top 5 design picks for last year here.
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