Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fashion Inspiration Awards with Garance Doré illustrated by Josh Crow

Garance Doré

The Galaxy Dress by CuteCircuit, the world's largest wearable LED display in the world

Museum of the Science and Industry vice president Sheila Cawley sporting the Mirror Handbag by CuteCircuit

Ryan Genz (right), CEO of CuteCircuit, holding the Mirror Handbag

Gillion Carrara, jewelry designer, SAIC professor and director of the Fashion Resource Center

Jessie Sardina of CS magazine

Fashion designer Marcela Andrade

All illustrations by Josh Crow

Last year world-famous blogger Garance Doré came to Chicago to receive the first Fashion Inspiration Award by the Museum of Science and Industry - presented with "cutting-edge wearable technology curated from around the world," including the Galaxy Dress, a CuteCircuit creation composed of 24,000 tiny full-color pixels. See my whole Reader coverage here, including a few of her most memorable quotes during her Soho House talk.

Many thanks to Josh Crow, who is a regular contributor to this blog - see his beautiful illustrations all over Chicago Looks. If you'd like to have your own, just send your picture to josh.crow.1@gmail.com. More info here.
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