Monday, January 7, 2013

Newcity Top 5 2012

1. Justina Pop, photographed in the Loop
Why? She looks perfectly fresh but adds a pop of interest with her zebra belt and leather fringe mini.

2. Liz Eckland, photographed in Wicker Park
Why? Liz does vintage beautifully, always updating the look with cool accessories and an even cooler attitude.

3. Marcus, photographed in Wicker Park
Why? He’s wearing orange pants, acid-wash denim jacket, neon bow-tie, a sports cap and somehow it all looks really classy and current.

4. Tony Bryan, photographed in Bucktown
Why? Tony is certainly one of the sharpest lads in town. The crispest fabrics, the best cuts, the most gentlemanly behavior. A dream stepped right out of “Mad Men.”

5. Patrice, photographed by DuSable (aka Michigan Avenue) bridge.
Why? Patrice is ideal for the office: clean, professional but with touches of creativity peeking out, like her metallic blue sweater and bright yellow nails.

The last Newcity issue - which should be out till tomorrow - featured all kinds of Top 5 lists their contributors could come up with. Chicago Looks selected Top 5 Street Style Looks That Weren't Featured in Newcity in 2012, which was a pretty tough call. Hope you guys keep BRINGING IT this year.

The next Newcity will be out this Thursday, featuring my first fave look of the year. Find it all over downtown in those newspaper boxes (pictured below) and in cool places such as Epic Burger, Old Town, Myopic Books, Lula Cafe etc etc etc.

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