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Friday, May 12, 2017


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Logos on the go

Florean Faune Ives describes her personal style as "activity based." "I was running around all day, thus I chose to wear clothes that were influenced by transportation," says the biochemistry student and fashion marketing consultant, wearing a Ferrari sweatshirt she received during a New York Fashion Week modeling gig and carrying a retro-looking Pan Am purse she was surprised to find a decade ago in the company's online store. "The products whose logos I wear typically are companies that I pay homage to for their craftsmanship. Faced with the exterior or interior of a Ferrari, you truly know the essence of thoughtfulness in every moving part," she says. "And when I think about the history of air transportation, Pan Am sticks out as a airline that defined an iconic aesthetic for its flight attendants. I don't recall any other airline in history that created such a definitive aesthetic for its employees."

Originally published in the Chicago Reader.