Friday, December 16, 2016

Donate your denim in Pilsen this Saturday and get a 15% discount at The Shudio!

Message from the Runway Addicts blog:

Saturday, December 17th we will be collecting denim garments at the chic and eco-friendly boutique The Shudio located at 1021 W. 18th Street in Pilsen. Any garments donated will go to those in need or will be used to create wall insulation to help build communities to keep homes warm this winter. The BLUE JEANS GO GREEN program created by the Fabric of Our Lives company accepts denim year round to grow communities using repurposed denim that is turned to wall insulation that has been proven to be eco-friendly and safer than the tradition fiberglass wall insulation. We have a goal of 150 denim garments that afternoon and everything you give will go directly those who need it most.

During the denim drive we'll give 15% off a Shudio purchase to anyone who donates denim, a special give away, and a free gift from Runwayaddicts! There will also be a DIY workshop that shows you how to patch up your favorite denim so you can hold on to them a little while longer. Please keep in mind anything that you give will go directly to those who need it most.
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