Thursday, April 21, 2016


A butterfly by day

"Fashion is at once a caterpillar and a butterfly," Coco Chanel famously said. "Be a caterpillar by day and butterfly by night." Stylist, clothier, and model Lexi Kingery (@clear_bones) subverts Chanel's rule by being a butterfly in the light. "I'm so sick of black and white," she says. "Right now I'm giving you a mixture of 70s flow with some colorful 60s mod realness." In preparation for the spring sartorial season, Kingery says, "I've been really exploring the Gunne Sax and Victorian region of the vintage realm, and I'm excited to present that more." By night, this fixture in the local club scene favors sexy and "very small" pieces that are "just shiny enough to be tacky or trashy." Some of those very items are available for purchase on Kingery's Instagram clothing shop, @shopbluedream.

Originally published in the Chicago Reader.
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