Saturday, January 30, 2016


Lucky Color

Loyola psychology and photography student Sofia A. (@sofeeuhsofia) was hanging out in Wicker Park.

What are you up to?
My friend tipped me off on a sale going on at the Lomography Store. Photography has been a passion of mine since childhood, so I couldn’t resist.

How did you style your outfit?
I never read my horoscope, but this morning I came across one that said my lucky color for the day is a deep red. So I wore all of the red that’s currently in my closet. The coat is a comfy fit for a day on the town.

How do you keep your looks interesting during the winter?
I’m from Southern California so winter in Chicago poses a lot of challenges for me. I like to wear different-colored hats and coats. Having a wardrobe that can be worn in layers during the winter is key.

If you could have a magic piece of clothing what would it be? What would it do?
What came to mind instantly was an invisibility cloak! If I had one, I could get from place to place safely without worrying about degenerate men catcalling me and threatening me on my way home anymore. That would be great! Although what would be even greater is if women lived in a society where they didn’t need to avoid those situations at all. Then, I could’ve answered this by saying what I really want is something suede that can’t be scuffed or water damaged.

Who inspires your style the most?
I think retro women inspire me the most. I’m especially fond of the sixties because I find that women maintained a strong-yet-refined sense of femininity throughout the era. I adore how colorful and playful fashion was back then.

What tune were you listening to?
Toro Y Moi.

Originally featured in Newcity.

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