Saturday, January 30, 2016


Freaking out 

"I describe myself as a freak," says School of the Art Institute of Chicago painting student Reygan Putman. "I've been called that as an insult for years, and I like the idea of taking that back and claiming it for myself." Known to friends as Casper, Putman has worked at a haunted house seasonally since she was 12. Being in character, often as a clown, helps her deal with her anxiety, she says. Influenced by 90s Japanese street fashion and, in particular, punk singer Nina Hagen, Putman's colorful garments come from thrift stores and underground brands such as the heart-and-dollar-sign top from the Berlin-based line Indyanna and shoes from LA's YRU, the platforms of which the artist glammed up with a custom paint job. "I hate the idea of trends and practical, boring clothes," Putman says. "I'm just doing what feels right." See more details of her look below.

Originally featured in the Chicago Reader
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