Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring Swap '14 shots!

YES IT WAS MAJOR!!! If you missed it, don't be bummed: we'll have one every year! Special thanks to everyone who came out (what an awesome crowd!) and this top crew:

- Jewelry and housewares designer Leah Ball
- Vintage boutique Kokorokoko
- Stylists Sasha Hodges and Drawn and Coutured's Alanna Zaritz
- Artist Brett Manning (stay tuned for our fab collab line of T-shirts, canvas bags and buttons, COMING SOON!)
- Scottie McNiece of Uncanned Music (DREAMY TUNES!)
- Angel's Envy Bourbon (DREAMY BOOZE!)
- Elastic Arts Foundation for providing that great space
- Ben Remsen who organized a parallel record swap, and Natalia Smirnov and Kaitlin who provided a cool template for our event, plus a bunch of leftovers from their own swap
- Kyra Termini, whose swap I missed motivated me to do this

THANKS Y'ALL! Save more for next year!

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