Thursday, November 7, 2013

Alanna Picks #5: Jon

Chicago Looks is lucky to count on the sharp eye of Drawn and Coutured's Alanna Zaritz for a very special collab. Here she gets to share all the mad style she comes across while hanging out in the coolest places - such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, where she currently works. 

Read what Jon Sommer had to say about his style below:

1. What inspired your look today?
Military function and sportswear comfort.

2. What does it mean to you?
As an artist, I consider personal style another medium to explore concepts I'm interested in: hyper-masculinity, non-performance performance art, old stained gym sweatpants.

3. Who are your fashion icons?
Guile from Streetfighter, old pictures of my grandpa from WWII, jock gym selfies on Instagram. Also, I remember one Givenchy thing from last year where a dude was wearing some high-concept army fashion stuff. So that too.

4. What do you do for work and fun?
I work nights and weekends. I make art things and art shows ( I like going to the Newberry Library once in a while to look authentic Byzantine religious icons.

5. How would you describe your style?
Confused-urban army brat.

6. What is your favorite/most special element of this outfit?
My M-1965 Vietnam Era Parka.

Photographs and interview by Alanna Zaritz of Drawn and Coutured
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