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Adriana Gaspar is the fashion-savvy gal behind Style Latino, a Chicago blog which features the muy estilosos in town - besides Adriana's own outfits and style tips. Read a few of them in the interview below:

When did you start Style Latino? Why?
I began Style Latino in mid-February of 2013. Some of the best-dressed people I personally know happened to be Latino and I figured there were more fashion-forward Latinos out there who would really appreciate the representation when it comes to street style in the US.

Where do you go to see the best in Latino style?
I think just in general, as far as street style goes, festivals are always great for finding people to photograph, whether it's a small street festival or a music festival.

How would you describe the Latino fashions seen here in Chicago? What to you love most about them?
It varies, of course, because everyone has their own personal style. I've seen bold prints, bright colors, leather, layers etc. However, the fashion style that most catches my eyes is always very clean and minimal.

How about your own outfits, why did you decide to add personal style to your blog? How do you think your clothes reflect your Latina background?
I added my personal style because I'm Latina and I would like to think I dress well, so I felt that it fit within the overall theme of my blog. Plus, it's really fun to be in front of the lens from time to time.
I don't think my clothes reflect my Latina background, I don't think about that when I get dressed in the morning. Style Latino is a celebration of people who are Latino who are also fashionable, regardless of where their inspiration is drawn from, whether it's Europe, Australia, Africa etc.

Who's your favorite Latina style icon? 
Nicaragua-born Bianca Jagger, because she really managed to be elegant and sexy at the same time. Plus she rocked a pantsuit like nobody else, she probably still does.

What's the best thing about running a blog?
That would have to be connecting with people you might not have ever met or talked to otherwise.

Where else can we see your work?
I am also a fashion contributor writer at Gozamos [see her Pitchfork coverage here] and I post to my tumblr ( photos I don't always post to

Photos and interview by Isa Giallorenzo

BTW, LATINO FASHION WEEK COMING SOON!! From October 1st to the 5th, more info here.

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