Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chi Looks on Style Admirer

Chicago Looks has just been featured in the local fashion site Style Admirer, check it out:

As a regular contributor to Style Admirer’s StyleHunter department, Chicago Looks's Isa Giallorenzo (shown upper left) has her camera on the city’s burgeoning fashion scene. The street style blogger focuses on locals with a distinct sense of fashion: Midwestern sensibilities and high style. Whether it be full-on trend or straight-up unique, Isa searches for looks to create interesting snapshots that mix things up as often as fashion itself.

Isa comes to Chicago by way of São Paulo, Brazil, where she studied journalism–a natural beginning for an avid photographer, analyst and documenter. After moving here two years ago, she launched Chicago Looks, which caught our eye for its perspective and dynamic content. She updates the blog several times a week to peak her readers’ interest and keep her finger on the city’s fashion pulse.

We caught up with Isa to get a deeper understanding of how and why she does what she does. Here’s what she had to say:

SA: Why did you start street-style blogging?
IG: I’ve always liked fashion and photographing people, so taking street-style pics was just natural. I used to do the same thing for a popular Brazilian fashion blog, so when I got here, I felt like continuing my work.

SA: What do you look for when taking your snapshots?
IG: It’s kinda hard to point out what I’m looking for. I honestly don’t know. Whenever I look at a person and it clicks, I know I need a picture. I guess I’m looking for people who have a great sense of their personal style, who are really genuine and smart about their sartorial choices. What I really don’t care about is labels.

SA: Who are your readers?
IG: Fashion lovers, for sure. Nosy folks like me, who like to check people out! But more specifically, they’re mostly from the US, even though I have plenty of hits from Europe, Asia and South America.

SA: What inspires you?
IG: Genuine style. Cool people.

SA: What do you love about Chicago street style?
IG: It’s totally cool, wearable. It’s not over the top.

SA: Do you blog exclusively for Chicago Looks?
IG: Here in the States, I also keep my Vintage Heaven blog, and I’m about to start one that will be a bit like my visual diary. I’ll keep you posted!

SA: When did you start blogging?
IG: I started blogging…2004? 2003? A long time ago. I started it with a friend to just basically rant about everything and everyone. I launched Chicago Looks in April 2009.

SA: Where do you tend to take the most photos?
IG: Definitely Wicker Park…the two reasons being: It’s still where you can find the most stylish people in town and also because that’s right on my way home. Unfortunately, I don’t have a special time to just shoot. I do it on my way to places.

SA: Why do you think style blogging is so huge in fashion?
IG: Blogging nowadays is a very easy way for people to express themselves, and that’s a very basic human need. I’m so thrilled we live in an age where anyone can have their own space to say whatever they want! And be heard! If the content is good, you will certainly be heard. That’s the beauty of it.

SA: When and how did you become interested in fashion?
IG: I know exactly the day. I was in fourth grade, and it was a no-uniform day at school. That’s when I came to that very common…and sad…conclusion that I had nothing to wear and started my quest for the perfect outfit.

SA: What are your favorite blogs?
IG: Facehunter is for sure my all-time favorite. I have a list of my favorite street style blogs on the right side bar of my blog.

SA: Do you have a favorite Chicago boutique?*
IG: I’m not a boutique lover. I like shopping at places where shopping attendants give no attention to me whatsoever! But if you’re talking about a local place to shop, I’d certainly recommend Vintage Heaven. I’m not saying it just because I organize it! It’s really good!

SA: Who is your favorite designer, both international and local?
IG: Local…Alma Wieser. I love her hats! International…Since we’re in a Lanvin craze right now, I’ll say Alber Elbaz.

SA: How do you think our street style is different from the fashion capitals?
IG: I think we don’t have as many fashion victims here. People are more authentic.

SA: Do you have advice for other local street style bloggers?
IG: I’d just tell them to do their thing…not to worry about being popular. Just post looks you love, and your identity will certainly show.

Photography by Chicago Looks

By Meghan Turner

Style Admirer is a great source for what's happening in the local fashion scene. Chicago Looks regularly contributes to their StyleHunter section.

* I actually do have some local boutiques I love, but they all happen to be vintage boutiques. They are: Kokorokoko, Lenny and Me, Rudy's Roundup, Shangri-La, Clothes Optional, Land of The Lost, Hollywood Mirror, Very Best Vintage and for eyewear certainly Labrabbit Optics.
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