Friday, September 2, 2016


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Aya Koné is wearing a popsicle T-shirt her mother thrifted in NYC when they were the same age. She was featured in my Crocs special originally published in the Chicago Reader:

Crocs make a comeback

Humble Crocs—the lightweight, comfortable, aerated, slip-resistant footwear—became a fixture of what-not-to-wear lists after enjoying a moment in the sun around 2007. Still ridiculed by the general public, Mario Batali's favorite brand of foam-resin clogs are (for better or worse) being adopted and reinterpreted by young, fashion-forward folks such as Aya Koné (pictured left) and William "Woody" Tauke. If it's proof of anything, it's that just about any fad—love it or loathe it—will come back around if you wait long enough.
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