Thursday, June 16, 2016


Curl up and dye

Wardrobe stylist and image consultant Elizabeth Margulis is proud of her nickname, "Big Hair Big City"—which comes from her fashion blog Big Hair and the Big City—but she hasn't always embraced her lavish curls. "My relationship with my hair started off bumpy. In high school I was mercilessly teased", she says. "I started to straighten my hair and tried to make it all sorts of 'normal.'" In her junior year, Margulis had an epiphany. "I gave up and let my curls run free. I was surprised at how making my hair a staple of my wardrobe and my personality improved my self-esteem and curated my image," she says. "Now it's all about the bigger, the better!" To see more of Margulis's looks, follow her on Instagram at @bighairbigcity.

Originally published in the Chicago Reader.
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