Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tonight and April 1st: Brazilian Fashion Designer Carol Barreto showcases her work

TONIGHT, Wednesday March 30th at 7pm at Sector 2337 (right by Cafe Mustache, Revolution Brewing, The Chicago Diner, Felt Boutique etc in Logan Square):

Artist Talks on Brazilian Black Feminist Fashion and Freedom/Time (Animation from Stateville Correctional Center)

On Wednesday March 30th, Carol Barreto and Damon Locks will give artist talks. Doors open at 6:30 pm. This event is free.

Carol Barreto is a black feminist fashion designer from Salvador, Bahia, Brasil whose work, both academic and as fashion designer, promotes a feminist, anti-racist and queer discourse. Through her creative work and administration of the brand that carries her name and political ideas, the clothes that she designs focuses on the creation of images aiming toward a more conscious communication to be linked to fashion consumption. Barreto will be speaking about her work in relation to the Afro-Brazilian cultural context of Salvador, and showing recent designs that have been developed from this research.

Damon Locks is an artist, musician, educator, deejay who will talk about his practice using some of the tools of his trade. He will discuss the hurdles of art making in these times of racial tumult. He will be presenting a version of his audio piece Sounds Like Now. For centuries Black people have been decrying this omnipresent system of oppression. The struggle for justice and freedom continues. The volume increases as a result of monthly, weekly, and daily examples of the expendability of Black people. Sounds Like Now utilizes records, samples, instruments, and voice in order to hear the past in present tense. He will also be showing/discussing the piece Freedom/Time, an animation project created in  with incarcerated artists that were a part of the Prison and Neighborhood Arts class.

Friday April 1st, Carol Barreto will be showing her collection at The Silver Room. Read more about her work here.
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