Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Donna Styles #1

The first time I saw Donna I was blown away by her looks, style and presence. And as our friendship grew, I kept feeling the same way. I mean... look at this bod! This dress! This razor sharp bob!This attitude! I always ask her what her secret is, and from now on she'll be sharing her words of wisdom here in the blog. Ready? Here she goes:

"I represent Dolce & Gabbana at my job, so I try to wear as much of it as I can when the mood strikes. My new dress is an ultimate D&G design, sexy but chic and I felt that way that day, so I wore it and it felt divine.

Hair? I have input on how my hair looks and what look I'm going for, but ultimately I realize my hairdresser (and friend) Jeffrey Cassens of Salon 110 is an artist and consummate pro. So he let's me know if my hair can do what I want to try - usually we are both happy with the precision of his cut and the chances I'm willing to take. If your hairdresser says your hair can't look like a picture you like, drop it or it will be a "bad scene magazine".

As for my beauty regime, it's easy! If you're having a fun, productive and full life just try to get enough sleep, drink lots if water and avoid the sun! Eat and  drink moderately when you can.
Use skin care products and sunscreen that WORK consistently! - you wouldn't skip brushing your teeth, right? Don't forget to treat all of your skin not just your face and hands.

Fashion tips... No accessory is as important as confidence and good posture. If you are fit, rested and have style, price doesn't matter... I'll buy something that really works on me even if it's a horrible splurge or from the cheapest chain. One great piece is worth ten almost great pieces, so pick wisely... Edit, edit, edit and stay true to yourself no matter what.

Finally if you feel good, rested, sexy, chic, whatever - it will show even simply dressed and without make up.

Ok?? Hell yeah!

Donna keeps this amazing art page on Facebook, Tadelmania. Also on Instagram @tadelmania .
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