Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chicago Looks + Brett Manning collab

HOORAAAAYYYY!! The Chicago Looks Shop has arrived! Let's pop that champagne! I'm proud to announce my first collab with Brett Manning, an artist I adore. In our line we're featuring buttons by Busy Beaver, canvas bags and thrifted T-shirts, all decorated with Brett Manning's super cute designs (yes, we went for cute, ALL THE WAY!).

So why would you buy our products?
- because you'll look cool;
- you'll be supporting an independent artist and an independent blog;
- our T-shirts are thrifted, and that's good for the environment;
- our T-shirts are unique, and that's good for you;
- our buttons are made by Busy Beaver, a local business that supports a bunch of cool events and artists;
- our canvas bags are A-dorable.

So yeah, come shop! Check out our Etsy store here.

PS: Many thanks to Kaleigh, Frank, Grace and Stephanie for the smoothest photo shoot ever!
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